June 19, 2024

Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose ft Maya Azucena “Love Is Love” (video)

Ya boy Mazzi (of S.O.U.L. Purpose) knocked one out of the park with this one. The video is very clever and well directed. (There are no director credits so I’m not sure by who.) The song itself is a winner, featuring the soulful voice  of Maya Azucena. The lady can sang (I spelt it right!). Mazzi comes in with a great rhythmic cadence for this 2/4 beat, played by the band in the video. (I wonder was it cut by the band or is it a produced track, sampling some classic Mowtown record?) Lyrics are on point. Although a “love song”, Mazzi drops subtle science here and there, like

“I get money and respect, not respect cause of money”

Mazzi and MayaAs dope as it is, the video doesn’t take itself too seriously. Maya and Mazzi sing and dance playfully, bringing Hip Hop back to what it originally started out as – spreading love and having fun. Amidst all the bragging and boasting, gansterism, beefs, battles and drug dealer/money talk that is pervasive these days, MC’s need to take it back to the essence, yet at the same time, not be corny. I truly appreciate when it is done well.

Shout out to JumpOffTV for featuring quality.

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