May 28, 2024

Madchild (Swollen Members) “F@#* Madchild”

Seen on HipHopDX.comMadchild Swollen Memebers

Madchild drops hardcore lyrics over a slow head-bangin’ beat. This joint is tough. Madchild made a newsworthy appearance last summer in a first time ever K.O.T.D. battle competition, where he impressed everybody with his ability to go toe to toe with DirtBag Dan, a witty punch line battler who has embarassed quite a few MC’s in his time. Not Madchild. He secured the win by staying true to his style, displaying lyricism over punch lines, citing his track record of 2 independent Platinum albums and some classic Hip Hop songs.

This verse on F@#* Madchild gives you more of the same signature flow. Not mad at all.

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