July 15, 2024

KOSHA DILLZ: Tupac Gone Fishing + Awkward In A Good Way [Video + Album]

You might have to watch this video a few times to understand what’s going on, with guest appearance by ‘Tupac’ (no holo’!), but Tupac Gone Fishing is just Kosha being Kosha.  This is off the brand new album “Awkward In A Good Way”. One thing I know about Kosha Dillz, from the man himself, is that he is always been “so comfortable being uncomfortable.” That’s why the album’s title is so appropriate.

The Israeli-American, obviously (from the name) Jewish rapper, has always done his own thing, oblivious to fads and trends. He has always kept it true to himself, whether in a cipher in the park, at the B.E.T Cypher or on tour with the RZA and U-God of the Wu-Tang Clan. At times he can be humorous and playful, at others dead serious, but he always tells stories of his own life, his culture, the triumphs and struggles of ‘everyman’.

“The title was really pushed on me by Murs,” Kosha explains, “He told me that people will take me seriously once I realize that I’m never going to fit in, and that’s ok.” This album is actually released through Murs’ own label, Murs 316.

kosha dillz awkwardIf you have heard any of his music, seen his zany DIY videos, or caught him performing live, possibly rhyming in English, Spanish and Hebrew at the same time, you know that Dillz has created his own lane. As much at home in New Jersey, California or France and as comfortable freestyling with A$AP Rcoky, C-Rayz Walz or Hasidic rapper Matisyahu, Kosha Dillz is always certain to do one thing: entertain.

“Awkward In A Good Way” is produced entirely by one producer, Belief. According to Kosha, “Creatively, Belief evokes a certain emotion in his production that embraces my awkwardness, in a way that no other producer has really captured.”

The beat to Tupac Gone Fishing is definitely knocking’. To preview the rest of the album, you can listen to a free stream on Billboard. Then head on over to iTunes.

To learn more about Kosha Dillz, check his videos, albums, mercy and even play Space Invaders, hit up KoshaDillzWorld.com


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