April 19, 2024

Joell Ortiz: Psycho (feat. Pharoahe Monch & B.o.B)

psychoGotta hand it to OnSmash for this one. “Psycho” finds three twisted lyrical giants asking – and answering – the question, “Am I a pyscho?” Even though this is kinda an early 90’s underground style, most of the world never caught on to it. Some probably thought this was Em’s trademark, but truth be told it was all about the crazy raps in that era. Em just ran with it, did it better than most and took it farther with his whole Slim Shady persona than anyone else had. Pharoah and Joell are of that era and breed as well, so its plausible they spent countless hours in freestyle ciphers spittin’ this type of insanity, in their younger days, so this is just a fun trip down memory lane for them. I don’t know much about B.o.B’s background, but since he spit on that Slaughterhouse joint he’s definitely been rhyming on that -ish. Is psycho rap back? I don’t know, but this track is mad entertaining. Who kills it the most? Who’s verse is the sickest? I’ll leave that for you to decide (and argue about until the end of time, no doubt). Enjoy!

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