May 28, 2024


Yes! SHOWBIZ & A.G. are coming out with another album! DJ Premier is assisting with it and I think he is saying he contributed one track, but the production is mostly Show, as it has always been. Throughout the interview we get a sampling of beats. I am assuming these are from the upcoming project (“Mugshit Music”). All of the beats are siiick. To be honest the first time through I couldn’t really listen to the words, I just skipped through checking all the beats. Then I went back and found out what they had to say. This one beat in particular at 0:24 is disgusting. Let’s you know what kind of next sh*! the production is going to be on.

Show & A.G. back again? Yeah, this is something serious. I am really looking forward to this project. The cover art is even ill. Any and all punchline rappers and battle MC’s, just for starters, owe a huge debt to A.G., who is one of the illest, setting the bar high (along with fellow D.I.T.C. member Lord Finesse) for this type of rhyme. At the same time, these brothers cared so much about the music. The beats, scratches and choruses were so important to their success.

The styles the same, but the flow’s updated. The beats are bananas. Just check this one verse from Andre the Giant, after the interview, from a video teaser they did for the song “Here and Now”.

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