June 19, 2024

Cut Master D.C. – “Brooklyn’s In The House”

Remember this classic Hip Hop song? If you are from Brooklyn you probably do. Anyone 30+ who lives Hip Hop grew up listening to this song, so for the kids, let’s bring it back! The phrase “Brooklyn’s in the house” was first put on wax by Cut Master D.C. The song also was one of the first to shout out many BK neighborhoods. The Notorious B.I.G. made the phrase even more popular with his “Is Brooklyn in the house? Without a doubt, I’m the rapper with clout everybody yap about” on Junior Mafia’s “Get Money Remix”, in the 90’s. And in the 2G’s you can now see the phrase as one of the OFFICIAL “Welcome to Brooklyn” signs, as you enter “the flyest borough, too thorough, you can’t deny” (PH – “County of Kings”).

Check out the new sign. Peep the original Brooklyn anthem by Cut Master D.C., below.

1985 Zakia Records.
Producer, Arranged By – Cut Master D. C.
Written-By – Cut Master D. C., R. Hill
Engineer – Regau Flowers
Executive Producer – Robert Hill

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