June 23, 2024

Common Interview: Power 105’s Breakfast Club

Common The Dreamer, The Believer

Warning! This interview is mad candid (definitely “Rated R”). Common tells some stories from his memoir “One Day It Will All Make Sense“, like one about his father kidnapping him and his mom at gun point when his mother wouldn’t agree to go with him to a basketball tryout. Or about how he was fingerin’ girls and trying oral sex before losing his actual virginity. Or as Common puts it, “real things that we go through, man … I’m just adventurous”.

But Common also talks about his early music makin’ days, how he got his name “Sense”, from the slang term for weed, working with producer No I.D. and his upcoming collab album with Nas, Nas Dot Com (or Nas.Com, I’ve seen it written both ways). The behind the scenes of the whole Ice Cube feud and other juicy tidbits of information are in the book as well. Sounds like a must read.

But my favorite question they asked Common was

“Is it hard to still love H.E.R? Cause you do all the Hollywood movies, and those checks are better. Is it hard to still have a love for H.E.R.?”

Listen to the interview for his answer.

Pick up Common’s 9th LP (!), The Dreamer, The Believer, in stores now.

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