May 30, 2024

KRS-One – “Just Like That” (Video) prod. by Mad Lion

krs one
The Teacha is back! With a brand new song and video. The beat is dope! Lyrically, Kris is on point. This is an entertaining look at a slice of Hip Hop’s history as KRS ONE talks about his first wanting to rap, as a boy in 1981. On his trip down memory lane, the Blastmaster brings us up to about 1991, but this is not really an “I Remember …” kind of song. It is literally a lesson. Be you, speak into the air, and you will achieve your dreams. Russell Simons couldn’t have said it better.  And the subway shots with all KRS’ albums, BDP and solo, as the movie posters on the wall, is such a genius idea. Props to Mad Lion, who directed the video.

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