June 24, 2024

MCMI: BEST HIP HOP VIDEOS of 2012 [List] P.11

And the MCMI Best Video of 2012 is … (drum roll please) …

1. “HYFR” – Drake ft. Lil Wayne                                                                        BACK TO START>>>

Talk about creativity, a Barmitzvah theme? No wait, Drake’s actual Baritzvah footage (in the intro) and then he gets re-barmitzvah’d, “as a re-commitment to the Jewish religion?” Hell yeah! Fucking right!  Shot in a Temple, the video has family, both blood related and the YMCMB family, cute chicks, booze, food and cake. Drake and Lil Wayne dance around genuinely having a great time, which is what I loved so much about Jay and Ye’s “OTIS” video last year.
Well, that about wraps it up for the videos. I’m sure we neglected some of your favorite jams, but they may appear on our “MCMI Best Albums of 2012” list, to be published soon. Still, feel free to disagree with our choices, the order, rant and rave, dis our mothers – wait, I take that back, be respectful, we know where you live, – or tell us how dope these videos are in your comments below.

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