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Sha Stimuli spoke to us on MCMI RADIO, hosted by GMS & LR Blitzkrieg, in great detail last Friday about his life, his career, his “The Rent Tapes” series and his future after these 12 EP’s are finished. Will he work on another full length comprehensive Album? Will he hang it up and quit the rap game? Anything’s possible. Meanwhile, Rent Tape #8 “The SAVIOR is available here. #9, entitled9.2.5“, just became available as well. After that, there’s three more to come and then that may or may not be “it”.

MCMI RADIO logo sloganYou can stream the interview from this player, or Download it as an MP3 and play it in iTunes or whatever player you use. If you want to subscribe to “MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk.”, search for 6thManRadio on iTunes and you will see all the shows on that station, including MCMI RADIO, which broadcasts live every Friday, 6pm to 8pm and can be downloaded as a podcast after the show airs. Recent guests include Masta Ace, Homeboy Sandman, Dutch Vega, Kosha Dills, D-Stroy, Substantial, Wordsworth and more. Find all of our past shows at MCMIreport.com/radio.

Our next show will be this Friday, October 19th, 6pm, when we will be playing new music and talking to The Audible Doctor of Brown Bag Allstars about his career as an MC, DJ and Producer.

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Sha Stimuli: “The March” (3rd EP from The Rent Tapes)

Sha Stimuli

Okay, Sha Stimuli is becoming the most prolific MC since Wayne went mixtape crazy before The Carter IV came out. Already with an impressive catalog of dope songs and dozens of features, Sha is hitting us with 12 albums in 12 months. This is #3, appropriately titled “The March”. I know, it’s April, but that means he wrote (and recorded and mixed) this in … do the math. I’ll wait …   …   …  Okay, but it’s not really about the month of March, but the “march” towards victory, the steady grind, forward movement, both literal and symbolic.

For those of you who already know of Sha Stimuli, I ain’t gotta say nothin’. But if you are catching up, I suggest you devour and digest all these albums from The Rent Tapes series and get to know the man. This is a guy who toured with Masta Ace and The INC as a kid (his older brother is Lord Digga, currently known as “Digga”), created a massive underground buzz when he decided to emerge as an artist himself, got signed to Def Jam, then shelved due to internal politics and freed from his contract to run his own career as an independent artist. Kind of reminds me of what happened to every member of Slaughterhouse. Last I checked that was working out pretty well for them.

If you are a label, producer, manager, distribution company, magazine, etc. and wishing to do business with the man, I would holler at him now (see twitter below) and sign his rookie card now, cause after this year the price ain’t comin’ down. (Where have you heard that before? hmm).

For those doing their homework, look up a couple songs, like “MotherF*–er (The Milf Song)” and “The Smelly Cat” (make sure you type Sha Stimuli or you will get Phoebe from Friends). If you heard of Sha, but never copped one of his releases, no better time than now.

Sha Stimuli

Listen and Order Here! | ShaStimuli.com | @ShaStimuli | @GMS_MCMI | @MCMIreport | @TeamStimuli


Sha Stimuli: The Chills

Sha Stimuli

The Chills, the 2nd EP from The Rent Tape Series … Available on ShaStimuli.com!

The Rent Tape series will be 12 EP’s, one per month for a year, which basically help Sha pay his rent …


“The Chills confronts the fear that I always had of getting older and not being financially set,” says Stimuli. The Calling was released in January.

A continuing theme with “The Rent Tapes” and Sha’s live performances is showing that he’s understands the struggle of today’s blue collar American, by donning a uniform shirt from establishments where many Americans work. Even as an artist, he too knows what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet and has considered the likelihood that one day he may have to pick up that same uniform.

Hey I got that uniform on. No shame in my game. Lucky for us, ShaStimuli’s current profession is Hip Hop. And he is very good at what he does. One of the best. Digest this tape before #3 comes out. You can preview the joints right here. Then Download and support. I got the title track – The Chills (Being Broke at 30) produced by DJ QVali on heavy rotation in my iPod. Track is bangin’!



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