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Drake – HYFR Feat. Lil Wayne (Video)

This is one of my favorite tracks off Drake’s latest album “Take Care” the flows he and Wanye use are dope, and so is this video, Directed by X. Little Drakes dance moves are hilarious and this video kinda reminds me of a more contrived “Otis” in the way that you can see the artist just having fun. (Just my thoughts yall….)

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Lord Knows – Drake ft Rick Ross, Prod. JUST BLAZE (Audio)

This has been around the Internet for a few days now but every where I saw it it’d get taken down for copyright violation so I stayed away from it for a second. I guess they weren’t planning to leak this one originally but it seems to have settled, so I think it’s all good. Drake’s albums sales were great so it did what it was supposed to do. I haven’t listened to the whole album yet, but this song is tough. Thanks to LA Leakers for the hook up.

Drake on Chelsea Lately (On Wine, Women, Wayne and Nicki Minaj)

Drake Chelsea Lately

I love Chelsea Handler. She makes hilarious comments which always make for a unique and entertaining interview. Right off the bat she calls Drake out for his preference for wine spritzers. He makes a joke about being a “Golden Girl” and Chelsea immediately clarifies “either that or a flaming homosexual!” Damn, first minute of the interview and she’s calling you gay!

Drake tells a very hetero story to clear it up, before explaining more things, like being Jewish (he explains that newcomer Mac Miller is too), his issues with women, how he hooked up with Lil Wayne and whether or not he is “hittin’ that” with Nicki Minaj (that’s Chelsea’s description). Leave it to Chelsea to say some provocative and borderline controversial stuff, that’s what makes her show so entertaining.