April 21, 2024


File this song by Tommy Flyguy under the category of music I just happened to come across, thought was dope, have no connection to the producer, artist, label, etc. and threw up on the site. There is no payola, nepotism or artificial flavor of any kind  at MCMIreport. We just do what we do. Sometimes its a hit, sometimes its a miss, but its always real, based on the feelings, views and opinions of the MCees who run this shit from behind – and in front of – the scenes.

That being said, the video, directed by Donny V., grabbed my attention because its been rather gloomy in New York the past week, raining and overcast everyday, so the visuals were soothing, mad it not feel so bad that it is actually raining outside my window right now. So I let it play and the music, produced by Tek Nalo G (sound it out), is pretty dope. So I’m noddin’ my head in front of the computer, waiting to see what’s up with Tommy Flyguy. Will this be something I wanna hear or will I be closing this window momentarilly? …

Well, he got me relating to the struggle right away, beefing about Sallie Mae and talking about claiming somebody else’s kid to get a break on these taxes. I just avoided an audit myself this past week (they flagged me for audit, then dropped it and said I was ok, whew!) and Sallie Mae has had me by the balls for years now, with no end in sight. I think I will die owing them money.

So I’m feelin’ what dude is sayin’ right away. Verse two talks about relationship troubles and once again, I can totally relate. Even though I am of a different race, age, background, etc. as the artist, some things are just universal. Good writing is like that – accessible to everyone.

As we build and work on our craft (songwriting, MCing), take time to understand nuances like that, which make for good songs and good music, not just a “hot 16”. All metaphors and similies aside, when it comes to your listeners, will they be able to relate to what you’re saying? That’s super important, because in this digital age of dwindling CD sales, we need our fans to buy in to us as an artist, not just be entertained by a hot battle verse or freestyle of the moment.

Until next time, be easy. And stay blessed.


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