July 23, 2024

The Bad Seed – Woolworth’s ft Shabaam Sahdeeq, Punchline, AL Skillz & LR Blitzkrieg #GETHOMESAFE [New Music]

This single off the Bad Seed's most recent album #GETHOMESAFE features a line up of heavy hitters from the 90's underground scene, who have all maintained their sword's sharpness and continue to spit heat through the 2021.

This single off the Bad Seed’s most recent album #GETHOMESAFE features a line up of heavy spitters, who have been dropping bar heavy classics for over 20 years. It’s cliche to say “Back like I never left” but in the case of these MC’s it’s actually true – they never did.

Produced by the BEAT CROOKS, the track puts the hook up front – an ode to living in public housing and boosting clothes out of Woolworth’s, then get’s out of the way and let’s the MC’s – Seed, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Punchline, AL Skillz and LB Blitzkrieg – do their thing. The beat is a Boom Bap throwback, but it DOES feature “that weird little flute” that Kid Cudi, Pete Davidson and Chris Redd rapped about on SNL recently.

The track feels like a cipher, a pleasant intermission to the many concept songs on the #GETHOMESAFE album, for when you don’t want to follow a storyline, but just want to hear bars over beats.

If you dig the record, head over to the Bad Seed’s Bandcamp page to hear his extensive catalog, including several other projects released in the the past few months. Then head over to MCMI’s Bandcamp to check out #THE6IXERS project, featuring The Bad Seed & LR Blitzkrieg, on MCMI Records.

See below for the #GETHOMESAFE Tracklist:

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