May 30, 2024

T.I. – Ball (Feat. Lil Wayne)

T.I.‘s latest single, Ball, featuring Lil Wayne, is the first single off Trouble Man. I like T.I. and Lil Wayne, so I was excited when I saw both their names on the song, but I just can’t get into this one. The beat has a commercial sound from about 10 years ago. It sounds old. The subject matter is simple – club, hoes, bottles, money, gettin drunk – a typical formula, that can work if the track is amazing. But not in this case. Maybe if they remix it. The old school Run-DMC style drum rolls, that worked perfectly on the Young Gunz joint “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”, can’t save this lackluster production.

I’m pretty sure this is that overly commercial first single that aims for the clubs, or MTV, not the streets, which comes before another song of depth and substance is released (Eminem uses this formula all the time), so I am expecting a banger from T.I. real soon. Until then, I will not be bumpin’ this joint. You’re welcome to your own opinion though, so here is the stream and download.

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