May 30, 2024

Substantial – See Hear [Video]

Baltimore MC Substantial jumped back into the scene with this fall’s Home Is Where The Art Is, a personal and powerful testament to Stan B. Robinson’s development as a man and MC. Fans and critics seem to concur. To keep the momentum going on this fantastic LP, Substantial and Mello Music Group drop the uplifting video for “See Hear.”

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The video, directed beautifully by Ariel “Rel” Nuñez, opens up with a local elder speaking on Baltimore’s history, more specifically how the city experienced a stark decline after the Disco era undoubtedly due to the recession and crack epidemic of the early 80’s. Sub picks up the gentleman’s baton and takes us on a tour of B-more, exposing us to the good and not-so-good. Still, throughout everything Substantial looks optimistically to the future. Don’t think Sub sees everything through rosy glasses, he acknowledges challenges and divisions within the city but lets us know he’s still invested in the place and the people because “that’s real unity, remembering it starts with you!”

Produced by Algorythm of The Stuyvesants, the beat knocks with rare precision and the harmonies, both in the beat and provided by Steph The Sapphic Songstress, mirror the optimism in Substantial’s sharp lyrics. In an age where many MC’s are either jaded or out of touch, it’s refreshing to hear (and see) someone so focused on the future!

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