May 29, 2024

Skillz vs Uncle Murda 2017 rap-ups + Diss track!

As per usual Virginia MC Skillz has dropped his year end “Rap up” rhyming about the many notable things that have happened over the last 365 days. While his track runs down the things that have happened in politics, music and pop culture, Uncle Murda who admittedly “Jacked Mad Skillz shit” goes a little further and adds a bit more scandal and hip hop dirt to his.

After a few years of Skillz feeling ripped off by Murda he decided enough is enough and came back with “Murda gram” a scathing diss track that goes directly at Uncle Murda’s head!

So what do you think guys? who has the better 2017 Rap up? What do you think of Skillz Diss track? Do you think Uncle Murder will respond? who will have the last laugh in this battle? I already know the answer to that one: THE LISTENERS AND LOVERS OF REAL HIP HOP! thats who!

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