May 28, 2024

SHA STIMULI – The Old Me: How I Met Your Baby Mother

Sha Stimuli

Recorded and mixed at Salem Psalms Library in Atlanta, Georgia by Amond “A.J” Jackson, this is #6 in the Rent Tape Series. If you are familiar with Sha Stimuli’s “Motherf*cker: The Milf Song” or “The Smelly Cat Song”, you can just imagine an EP with this title is going to be shocking, entertaining and hilarious! Sha Stimuli is killing these monthly EP’s & Albums. He is not simply stringing together a bunch of random songs, out-takes and freestyles. Each of the “Rent Tapes” has its own theme, crafted with care, speaking on whatever is going on in the man’s life this month. That’s what makes them so special. Not many artists give you such an acurate, personal, introspective and yet hilarious slice of their life. Featuring guest appearances by John Legend and Bellringer.


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