May 29, 2024

Sha Stimuli: “The Calling” Release Update & Pre-Order Link

“The Calling” has been pushed back for sale on iTunes until January 23, 2012, but you can Pre-Order it from iTunes here.

The cover art looks dope and here is the Tracklist as well. I am really looking forward to this. They are calling this a “mixtape”, but it’s really an album of dope original material that just isn’t on a “major” label. %$#@ a label, that sh*t is hot! Peep.


1. Thee Alarm (Produced by Venor)

2. Volume (Produced by V Ladian Productions)

3. Me featuring Lelabizz (Produced by DJ Pain 1)

4. From Me to You (Produced by Black Metaphor)

5. Conception (Produced by Big Fraze)

6. Walk on Water III (Produced by Emazin)

7. The Realist (Produced by DJ Qvali)

8. Brenda’s Baby (Produced by Louis G.)

9. Dreamgirl (Produced by Black Metaphor)

10. Angels & Demons (Produced by Emazin)

11. The Awakening (Produced by GZ Beats)

12. Call on Me featuring Danny Sky High (Produced by J. Cardim)

13. Outro (Produced by MkNuckey)

Bonus Track: My Calling (Produced by Nicademus)

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