July 15, 2024

QN5 Evolution Documentary [complete] – “Past, Present, Future”

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At the QN5 Megashows it has become a tradition to play a hilarious animated video during the show. between performances. Every year QN5 has produced amazing videos that have helped build the foundation of their brand. Do some research if you haven’t been to all of the MegaShows. Look up the videos on youtube. You will die laughing at all of them.

Well, this year they really outdid themsleves! The greatest humor comes from making fun of your self and in this video “documentary”, the artists on the label make light of their own idiosyncrasies. The results are equally revealing of QN5‘s history as it is of their dark twisted, slf-depreciating sense of humor, which we have all come to know and love. After all, how can you not like someone who pokes fun at themself? Our flaws make us human. Ability to laugh at yourself can make you invincible (Eminem’s career is based on that).

(Part 1 of 3) After famed documentarian Ken Burns, shot an in-depth film about QN5‘s decade-strong history for the 2011 QN5 Megashow, Evolution, he accidentally sent the final video as an audio CD — and the label was forced to recreate the footage on a shoestring budget in time for the show. Here’s what they came up with.

CREDITS: Written By: Tonedeff & PackFM // Directed By: Tonedeff // Puppeteers: PackFM & Mrs. Deff // ©2011 QN5 Inc. All Rights Reserved

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