May 29, 2024

Peter Gunz & Cory Gunz – Father and Son Freestyle (IFWT)

cory and peter gunzShout out to DJ Mike Sessions on In Flex We  Trust for putting together the father and son team, let the beat run no interuption and letting the Gunz get busy!  Love how Cory gets amped when his pops gets in the zone and then the same thing happens to Peter when Cory is killin’ it. Love is love. Peter’s kickin all off the top. Cory sounds like he comes in free, transitions into a written verse seamlessly, then freestyles again later when he stumbles.

Ya momma, Fuckin’ I’m a palm her – ass – blast up in her walls without a condom, splash, My son is your brother now, no rubber, I’m fuckin’ your mother now. – Peter Gunz

Imagine growin’ up and your pops could really flow off the top crazy? You BETTER be nice!

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