May 28, 2024

PackFM – I F*cking Like Everything [Offical Music Video]

When PackFM dropped I F*CKING HATE RAPPERS on QN5 Music, some people got the idea that he was a hater. His album was a critique of the easy access, Garage Band/ProTools/Youtube rappers/DJ’s/Producers, that have creeped up on us over the past decade, making it difficult for many to discern who the real talented artists are. Now that just about anybody can make a video and promote them selves online, the game is flooded with unskilled “artists” creating uninspiring, unoriginal “music”. Everybody is a “rapper”, no one is a fan. This satuaration is what’s killing Hip Hop. So after awhile, it’s like “what’s the point?” Everywhere you look – rappers! No where to be found – real MC’s.

PackFM took this commentary and made it the basis of an entire album. The genius of it though, is that while he is criticizing rappers, he is at the same time being such a good one (-ahem- excuse me, ‘MC‘). His rhyme scheme and story-telling display the art of the craft of song making. The beats on the album are headnodding, packed with soul, musicality and a strong amount of Boom Bap to keep the party jumpin’. Pack doesn’t just complain and point out the obvious – rappers suck – he makes a great album and shows us “how to do this, son”.

Of course, coming from QN5, a label which has released the seminal Ef@mm album “Happy F*ck You Songs” and Tonedeff’s bitter single “Politics”, about the bullshit of the music industry (both of which are worth copping if you never heard them), some may have written Pack off as a “mad rapper”. Not in the least. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of seeing Pack perform, have met him or know him personally, know his life is filled with humor and joy. He is all about having a good time and truly likes everyone and everything – EXCEPT RAPPERS!!!

This new video is for the last song on the album, to set the story straight.

“I F*cking Like Everything” (Prod. by Deacon The Villain) | Directed by PackFM


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