April 19, 2024

ONYX: CUZO – Prod. by Audible Doctor [Video]

Fresh from touring overseas, ONYX is back with their first single “CUZO” off of the new album, “BELLY OF THE BEAST“. ONYX quietly dropped a few joints between 2010 and 2012 and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t that enthused. To use a  MrMecc catchphrase, the songs were “aight to death”. It wasn’t wack, just decent – nothing to get too excited over. See, ONYX is actually their own worst enemy (lyrically), because they set the bar so high with their music when they first came out, anything less than top 10 hits from them seems like a let down.

That being said, this was the first one that made me do a double take. First, because the beat is crazy! It feels like a Wu style production, with soulful vocal bites thrown in, not just on the chorus but during the verses, which gives it a Dilla-esque quality to it. But it’s definitely not RZA or J. Dilla. Look at the production credits and it’s your boy Audible Doctor, who we interviewed not too long ago on MCMI RADIO (click to listen to that episode).

Second thing that excites me about the track is that Fredro and Sticky are spittin’ a different kind of style. Fredro is droppin’ some street gems and I hate to say it, but he actually outshined Sticky on this one, which never happened before. Even the chorus “One for the struggle, two for the pain” lets us know the new ONYX is gonna be really saying some shit, not just braggadocios wordplay, guns and violence. One question I have is … where’s Sonsee (-pka- Sonee Seez)?

Video by Kevin “KJ” Johnson.

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