May 30, 2024

Officer Ricky Rozay New Video: Planking on Donuts (parody)

Ricky RozayWow. this is hilarious! I haven’t seen anyone clown Rick Ross this hard since ShaStimuli put out Unsung (I’ll include that after the jump if you aint heard it). Some folks thought that was aimed at Drake or southern rap in general, but Stimuli denies it (Check out this interview on Hip HopDX), saying it was about nobody in particular. To me it’s gotta be Ross.

Anyway, this next joint is DEF-initely aimed at Ross. It’s a straight parody. The planking part doesn’t come until the very end if you’re looking for that. Shout out to @JettWilson, @PlusDaddy_wl @success_jr and @Jizzlemarley_wl, they went in on this one.

ShaStimuli’s joint “Unsung” after the jump!

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