May 29, 2024

Narubi Selah Spits Math @ Underground Railroad (WBAI)

Ill Doctrine: Narubi Selah Spits True Mathematics from on Vimeo.

Narubi Selah gets seriously busy up at WBAI, representing the God-Hop movement, on the legendary Underground Railroad Hip Hop radio show.Shouts to Jay Smooth of Ill Doctrine for posting this on Facebook a few minutes ago and also AnimalNewYork. I am so glad some middle schoolers get to see their math teacher do damage on the mic. There are a lot us (MC’s) in the teaching profession. I think we just naturally gravitate towards it. We love to build, teach, speak in front of an audience, impart wisdom, have a way with words and in this case, math as well.

Check out Narubi Selah’s debut album I am Living Math on iTunes | @NarubiSelah | @IllDoc | @GMS_MCMI | @MCMIreport

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