June 24, 2024

[MUSIC VIDEO] Bop Alloy – Chillaxation


For those that don’t know, Bop Alloy is a musical collaboration between producer Marcus D and MC Substantial. They recently created an album The R & R (Remixes & Revisions), which is in stores now. The pair dropped their debut album Substantial & Marcus D are Bop Alloy, on a Japanese label and are now using this remix album to take it to the rest of the world.

The R & R, features remixes of many of the songs from their debut album. It features remixes by veteran producers, Funky DL, K-Murdock (of Panacea), & Joe.D, while also including remixes from up & coming producers such as LASTorder, Bolo, J-zen and Substantial himself. Guest appearances include: yU (of Diamond District), Gods’Illa, Wordsmith, Kokayi, Steph the Sapphic Songstress, Javier Starks, Justis, Nate Vibez, & Peter Lee Johnson.

After recently touring Japan and Taiwan to promote the album and satisfy their Japanese fans, Bop Alloy dropped this music video produced by a talented crew of professionals known as Altrac Productions. Check the credits below the video.

You can find the original album, the R & R version and the Instrumentals at bopalloy.bandcamp.com

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Bop Alloy – Chillaxation

Altrac Productions
Director: Arch Stanton | Director of Photography: Sawyer Purman |Editor: Ben Anderson | Producer: Ryan Legallet | Gaffer: Brett Drolet | Assistant Cameraman: Joesph Weiler | Special Thanks to Nick Stevens for the Crane

@BopAlloy |@Substizzle | @GMS_MCMI | @MCMIreport

Chillax yourself, girl, blah blah blah
Wind down, lose your top like Mardi Gras!
Been cool since MC Lyte Cha Cha Cha’d!
On my grown man stee since my papa died…
In ’89! Now your boy, Sub, smoother than Jif
Get mine, anything otherwise, stupid as shit!
By design, I’m as cool as they get,
The proof’s in the spit!
Wifey looking sweeter than the cooler she sip.
A little Sax on the beach
Just happens to be
Exactly what you need.
When I rap to a beat…
You hang on every syllable, word, phrase or sentence.
So cold, I should change my name to Cryogenics!
My intention is to be your new provider or chill!
Slay you with the rhyme while you admire the skill!
Don’t matter if I got me a fist full of dollars,
I’m MD, like Marcus initials!
Who hotter than Suubbb?!

Just a little chillaxation,
Just a little chillaxation.
Baby don’t be shy!
Just a little chillaxation,
Just a little chillaxation.
Put a finger in the sky!
Just a little chillaxation,
Just a little chillaxation.
Raise your Colt 45!
Just a little chillaxation,
Just a little chillaxation.

Chillax your mind, let your conscious be free.
You’re now rockin’ with the sounds of S & MD!
Destined to be
Refreshing free of any additives.
All natural flavors what we’re packaging.
Strictly the best bow down to none.
Raw talent,
Come get you some!
‘Cause I got plenty juice, y’all dying of thirst.
Mimicking my moments straight try’na rehearse!
Cock diesel, had chickens gassed since ’87.
Comp’ wish I would quit, they have to wait in heaven!
‘Cause old or new school don’t matter I’m never failing!
Now your woman winking at me like Sarah Pailin
She wasn’t really ready for the job my dude.
On mics, I go dumb like I’m smart as you, genius!
Can hardly walk with y’all on the penis.
Kick plenty ass, gotta wash off my sneakers you know?!


Chillax yourself and all of that
As we author raps
And get this pamper money when I body tracks.
Sippin’ cognac,
Askin’ where the party at,
Dancin’ so hard that you ’bout to have a heart attack!
Baby stop with that,
Chill for a minute, love.
Please take it down a notch, right before you give it up!
Loungin’ in the spot
Where they hate to give us love.
Can’t deny the sound is hot,
Take stage, rip it up.
Watch what the music does.
Sax got you in the mood for love,
Or at least a quickie!
Women dig the groove so they’re pleased to pick me
‘Cause the voice keep’em moist and the beats are sickly!
This beats get busy!
In a button up, under a fresh Tee that’s spiffy.
And you know the matching sneaks are crispy
Like an outfit for Easter, get me?!
Songs over and I’m out, Joe. Peace, ya’ missed me!



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