May 30, 2024

MeKoBane – The Balance, A Tribute to Malcolm X

Up and coming Bronx M.C. MeKoBane will be releasing the video to his newest single “The Balance” at 11:59am May18th, exactly one minute before the birthday of Malcom X whom MeKoBane pays tribute to in the video itself. The idea, concept and whole reasoning for song and tribute are really interesting and definitely something hip hops been lacking…..

Today’s young black males are very different from those of generations past — heroes such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X have been replaced by the glitz and glamor of rappers and basketball stars. But in the case of Bronx-bred Hip Hop artist MeKoBane, he can’t help but be inspired by the story of Malcolm X, having been born right next door to The Audubon Ballroom at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. A graduate of University of Albany, MeKoBane appreciates Malcolm X’s transition from a Hustler to an Intellectual, a Leader, a Spokesman, and a devout Muslim. And with Malcolm X’s birthday arriving on May 19th, MeKoBane felt a duty to pay homage to Malcolm X with “The Transition,” highlighting the beliefs that he represents — Discipline, Pride, and Love of Self.

“The Transition” represents the struggle of the Young Black Male to find Success as a Gentleman without having to be a “Hustler” or “Thug.” In the lead single “The Balance,” MeKoBane touches on the Young Black Male’s inner battle with “being yourself”, and the constant fight between Hustler and Gentleman. In the video, MeKoBane pays homage to Malcolm X on the steps of The Malcolm X & Betty Shabazz Youth Center (originally the Audubon Ballroom, where Malcolm X was slain). The video also contains excerpts from Malcolm X’s famous speech, “Who Taught You?”. This type of visual from the Hip Hop community hasn’t been seen since the days of Public Enemy, with MeKoBane being the FIRST Hip Hop Artist to stand in the very place where Malcolm X was shot.

Be sure to check back for the video @11:59 may 18th…

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