May 30, 2024

MCMI REPORT: John Robinson & Chief – Mega Fly Feat. U George (Official Video)

John Robinson & Chief – Mega Fly

MCMI REPORT: John Robinson & Chief – Mega Fly, is the official single from the album We The Prolific, available digitally on Bandcamp & iTunes, and on vinyl & CD at UGHH & HHV. With a soulful, head-nodding, jazz influenced, east coast, underground hip hop beat, this track is bangin’!MCMI REPORT: John Robinson & Chief - Mega Fly

The video, edited and directed by Rick Foy for DVID FILMS, is shot in the perfect setting for the grown man bars John & Chief are smacking you with, a Cigar Shop. Chief drops science on being 40, a grandpa, but still having bars for all challengers and J.R. give praise to Bobbito Garcia for dropping his former group Science of Life’s first single “Nine Ether”, back in the day, when he had his indie label Fondle ‘Em Records, so you could say this record is “scientific” to say the least.

This song and video actually did exactly what every single is supposed to do – made me curious to check out the rest of the album, so I went to the Bandcamp page and skimmed through the tracks giving it a first listen. Every joint was flavor, so I will be back to purchase, soon as I finish this article. I am going to download of course, but the fact that this brand new record is coming out on Vinyl as well as CD is a testament to the artistry and dedication to fans, in the US, Europe and all around the world.

Salute to John Robinson and friends like Skitslam, Cymarshall Law, ID 4 Windz (Scienz of Life & Everliven Sound), Dexter St. Jock (Savage Balet), Stan 1, Jocelyn Ellis, U George, and Tiffany Paige, who all bless this album, for continuing to making great Hip Hop in 2015! A lot of people criticize the Bobby Schmurdas and other super young rappers for the immaturity or irresponsibility of their subject matter, but we can’t expect babies (no disrespect), to drop knowledge on this level. Sometimes we need elder statesmen, rap veterans and underground legends to take the lead and show these young bwoys how it’s done.         – GMS (Twitter | Facebook)

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MCMI REPORT: John Robinson & Chief – Mega Fly

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