July 23, 2024

MCMI Report: Dama Nilz “Black Couch” Album Review

MCMI Report: Dama Nilz “Black Couch” Album Review

by Paragraphs VegaDama Nilz

The beauty of this project is the perfect blend between the artist and the producer, the energy on all the songs and the general vibe of the project are all just masterfully put together and executed.

Dama Nilz is an artist that’s been on the scene in NYC putting in work for a few years now, making plenty of noise in the underground with her singles and videos exhibiting her skill level and her personality. If you hadn’t heard of her before, you’re gonna hear her loud and clear now. She’s put out other projects, but something about this one that feels as if though she’s reached a culmination of what she’s done and learned so far. Paired with Ayy Pii, who’s production is ahead of his time, the two have achieved something special with this album.

The lead single and album title track Black Couch sets off the album on the right note,  with bars like: “think I’m new cause I’m young but they’re so wrong! I been doing this shit for so long!… I been doing this shit for so long, that my epilogue needs a prologue …” Indeed she’s been putting in work for quite some time, and this project feels like her “Aha” moment. Featuring Ayy Pii, the song has a dope feel of achievement and success. Ayy Pii delivers with lines like “I could smell bullshit from a mile away! If you hating on me, I hope you die today!” haha…

The album hits hard, my personal favorites besides “Black Couch” are the songs “Something”, “Casablanca (Walter White)”, “Get Me There” and “Nice Girl”. Each offers something different. I like the whole album, but those tracks stuck out to me. “Something” just has that special … something … lol, or to put it classier, its got a certain je ne sais quoi about it. The beat knocks and Dama doesn’t try to over power it. That’s good, in this day and age when everybody is trying their hardest to prove they’re so “Lyrically talented”. Listening to an MC who knows she can rap her ass off, but chooses style and substance instead of just over-saturated substance, makes me appreciate the music more. Dama is just talking ’bout her life and isn’t trying to fake or front on any level.

Black Couch Tracklist

Tracks like “Work Number”, “Stock Exchange” and “Tussie Bwa” are just as strong as the other ones I’ve already mentioned, but I don’t want to describe each and every song, its up to you to enjoy the album and journey for yourself. I’ve noticed there’s a penchant nowadays for telling you HOW you should consume an album (“this albums meant for the car or the train ride somewhere” or “seasonal album for such and such holiday”). F–k that bullsh, lol. This project is a complete piece of art and is meant to be enjoyed however you enjoy music.  Me personally, I love being “turnt up” for 90% of my day. Chances are I’ll be bumping this getting dressed, on my way somewhere, I don’t need to specifically listen to it one way … You can listen to this album at a funeral for all I give a f–k, just enjoy!

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