May 29, 2024

MCMI RADIO ‘Blacks Out!’ ORGANIK From K.O.T.D Calls Into the Show (Ep 7)

MCMI RADIO LOGOReal Hip Hop. Real Talk.

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Friday August 3rd, 2012

Hosted by GMS
Co-hostsed by Blitzkrieg
Guest Hosts: PH, Billy Screem
Special Guest: Organik from King of the Dot (KOTD)

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Last night’s “MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk.” was one for the books! We were dealing with mad technical difficulties but somehow the show must go on. In the first 5 minutes of the show the power goes out (!), right in the middle of a sentence! PH joked that there was a “black out in New York”, but it was only in our building, as too many people had Air Conditioners on crunk. I guess added to all the equipment at the station, it blew mad fuses and everything shut off for about 30 seconds.

When power came back on, we just picked it up where we left off, but it was crazy! We didn’t really know if we were still broadcasting, until callers started letting us know that they could still hear us on the air. Later in the show some equipment started malfunctioning, probably due to the earlier power surge, but lucky for us LR Blitzkrieg managed to save the day, with some quick thinking, called into the show remotely on his cell phone, used his MacBook to operate the boards until we reset our equipment and kept the show going! You the man, Blitz!! lol … Whew, close one.

On the show, Staten Island battle MC Billy Screem joined GMS, PH & Blitzkrieg as they discussed music making Hip Hop Artists and former battlers (such as Canibus, Madchild and PH), trying their hand at the new a cappella premeditated MC battle format, such as you see in URL/, GrindTime and King of the Dot (K.O.T.D) videos. Battler and president of K.O.T.D Organik calls in the show and adds his viewpoints, as well as plugging the upcoming WORLD DOMINATION 3 event, which will feature Head Ice vs Pat Stay among other notable battles, in Toronto, Canada.

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