April 14, 2024

!LLMIND behind the curtain pt 1&2

Super producer !LLMIND has just released an instrumental album on Nature Sounds that not only gives you 21 incredible new tracks but he also goes so far as to give you aspiring beat smiths the audio stems so you can try and duplicate his greatness with his own sounds!! (you cant btw.) And for good measure he throws in the Fortilive gem “Gimme”

!LLMIND is one of the best and hardest working producers I know, just this year he’s released “Live from the tape deck” with SKYZOO, a Fortilive album with his Hawaiian crew called “I vs. Iaaaand the “Outside the lines EP” with far out there band Smokey Robotic! Not to mention the work he’s been putting in on PH‘s MCMI records debut “The revenge of Radames“, the B.L.A.P.S mixtape vol.5 &, producer showcase series and countless other projects!!! Does this man even sleep!??!?!?

Here are the first two “Behind The Curtain” videos where !LLMIND discusses the project after the jump

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