May 29, 2024

KENDRICK LAMAR – B-tch Don’t Kill My Vibe (VIDEO)

KENDRICK LAMAR  B-tch Don’t Kill My Vibe

With this deep and poignant video, Kendrick Lamar reveals new meanings to his song B-tch Don’t Kill My Vibe, pronouncing death to an enemy of the community that is claiming too many sons and daughters in the name of ‘party and bullsh-t‘. Kendrick brings the hearse and coffin to the battle, proclaiming “You gon’ get this work!” to one of society’s ills that has crept into the collective consciousness and found a new marketing campaign in Hip Hop. Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Good. Watch the video. Salute Kendrick Lamar on this one, my new favorite rapper (again).

Kendrick Lamar - B-tch Don't Kill My Vibe@KendrickLamar | @GMS_MCMI | @MCMIreport

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