May 28, 2024

JASIRI X – Candidates For Sale – ft Invincible & RhymeFest

I admit I’ve been getting political on Facebook lately. Something about an upcoming presidential election which seems like its gonna be real close, brings that out in me. So, this track got my attention. JASIRI X, INVINCIBLE and RHYMEFEST hit you with a cynical view of our political process, that I can’t say I don’t agree with. Money rules everything, so unless you want to be dissapointed on the day after Election Day, “click Donate, stop browsing!” as Rhymefest says…

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“Candidates For Sale” was inspired by growing corporate influence over politics, and the ridiculous amounts of money now needed to win public office.

 ”Candidates For Sale” features Invincible and Rhymefest and was produced byDa Ricanstrukta, and is the first single off my new mixtape “Rappers On X”available for free download on next Monday.

“Rappers On X” is a compilation of collaborations Jasiri X has done with other artists, featuring Planet Asia, Brother J of X-Clan, Hasan Salaam, Mac Miller, Wise Intelligent, Sadat X, B. Dolan, Toki Wright, Invincible, Rass Kass, Torae and Rhymefest, just to name a few.

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