July 15, 2024

I Got To Have It 2011 – Sean Hines Ft Hit & Ed OG

Wow, this was my joint back in the day! I STILL get hype when the original comes on the radio or gets thrown on at a party! The original song is flawless, nothing to be improved upon, but this new one is good too. Just a slight update really. The beat is the same loop as the original with updated drums and lines from the original song scratched in as the chorus. Besides the addition of verses by Sean Hines and Hit, Ed OG’s current flow is nothing like his old flow. He has evolved and grown with the times, that’s why I am a fan to this day. (I love what he did with Masta Ace with “A&E”). So, even though it’s his voice, the flow is different and it sounds like someone else on the track, some new MC that just happens to have the same voice, name and face as “Ed OG & the Bulldogs” from back in the day. Do not consider this a “remix” where some new artist flies his verse in over a classic song a la ProTools. This is the real deal, official, as evidenced by Ed OG actually being on it and being in the video. This is a bonifide remake – no mixtape!

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