April 14, 2024

Fredro Starr X Audible Doctor “Ain’t No Other Kings” (Cuts By DJ Nelson)

Aint No Other Kings

Okay, okay, okay, before you look at the artwork and get your panties in a bunch, Fredro Starr is NOT saying he is the King Of NY, although he stakes his claim of ONYX being “the hardest group out”.  On this solid track produced by Audible Doctor, with cuts by DJ Nelson, Fredro is lamenting the current trends of the new breed of rappers in the game, from their approach, to fashion choices.

“BIG probably rollin’ in his grave from how they dressin’, Tupac could never rock colorful tubesocks, n!gg*s rockin’ skirts what’s next, rubbers and tubetops?”

As explained in the chorus, Fredro feels there “ain’t no other Kings in this rap thing”, as the late Notorious B.I.G so eloquently put it when he was alive. I don’t agree, but I definitely don’t think of the people currently claimning the title to be worthy of that crown yet. Just my humble opinion.

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