June 19, 2024

Ethel Cee x Dumhi Presents… ‘Seven Thirty’ (Download)

Female MC’s who are true lyricists combined with production that bangs this hard is hard to come by, few and far in between. Is that due to a male dominated music industry, people frontin’ on female artists unless they shake (and reveal) their possibly pre-injected asses or less young girls growing up dreaming of doing this than young boys? Man, I don’t know. All I know is I have been disappointed by a lack of fresh female talent breaking through and making it out of the underground in recent years. Quick, name 5 female MC’s who can really spit, who came out within the last 5 years? … So I am thankful when something like this project comes across my desk.

Shout out to DubMD Promotions for bringing this to my attention, to Haj of Duhmi, banging out joints with the likes of Sadat X, Reef Tha Lost Cause, Che Grand, Ethel Cee, Sean Price, Side Effect, Von Pea, Baby Blak and a slew of other dope artists afiliated with the Dumhi collaboratice. And of course thanks to Ethel Cee for bringing creativity and artistry to her approach, maintaining lyrics, storytelling and sexiness within the music.

  My favorite joints on here are “Lost” and “One Fifty” (which uses the infamous Amen break and happens to be the single off the project).

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