May 30, 2024

Drake – “We’ll Be Fine” Video (Don Carlo Remix)

See what had happened was … in 2011 French filmmaker Mikael Colombu directed a video for Drake – “We’ll Be Fine” (off Drake’s last album “Take Care“), but it was never released. Supposedly, both Drake and the director weren’t happy with how it was coming out, so they scrapped it.

Colombu wanted to put it out, but couldn’t get the label to sign off on it, since they felt promoting a song off the old album might distract from the NEW album, “Nothing Was The Same“, so Colombu couldn’t use the audio for the song or it would get pulled for copyright infringement / unauthorized use yada yada. Follow me?

Colombu released it anyway, using the music “Don Carlo” by Verdi instead. The result is kind of awesome! Watching the visuals while listening to the classical music is eerie and puts you in a mood. I like it.  Let me know what you think.

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