June 24, 2024

MCMI Report: DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ft. Nas

DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ft. Nas

DJ Khaled dropped his ninth studio album, Major Key, yesterday, along with the single Nas Album Done ft. Nas. We’ve already been hearing “For Free” ft. Drake and “I Got The Keys” with Jay Z. What makes this latest single off the album crazy is that it is simultaneously a single off Khaled’s album and advanced marketing for Nas upcoming album. At first I was like, “Wait, is this the first single from the Nas album?” But no, it’s DJ Khaled’s record, featuring Nas, talking about his album, which is up next. Pretty slick, works for both of them.

DJ Khaled - Nas Album Done ft. Nas
DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ft. Nas

It’s a cool record. Nas is dope. I don’t gotta review it, ’cause you can hear the song for yourself, above, and form your own opinion (you will anyway, no matter what I say, right?).  I will say Nas definitely shows us his flow is up to date and he is not coming with an ode to the ’90’s. He also nicely puts some people in their place, referencing all the trends he started that others often imitate.

This basically did the job, because it has me waitin’ for the actual Nas album. Only one question. If Nas’ album done, where is it? Can we get a buzz single at least? Is you finished or is you done? … LOL, I’m just playing. But I’m sayin’!


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DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ft. Nas

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