May 28, 2024

DJ Dister feat. Masta Ace – Ain’t No Thing

Yo this song “Ain’t No Thing” from Masta Ace & DJ Dister is dope! The track is banging’ and Ace always comes through on the lyricals. Salute to a Veteran MC who never fell off and still keeps it true, with new music, year after year after year. Produced by DJ Dister, with cuts by DJ Ill-O. The video, directed by Andy Martinez, features a dope graffiti piece done by Dister and Dejoe, filmed by Robert Dinero of Ṃ❍❍ℕŤℝ❍❍ℙ.

The DJ Dister Album Roll Wit Disis available on iTunes.

MCMI approved!


DJ Dister 

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