April 21, 2024

Diggy – “88″ (feat. Jadakiss) (Video)

The official video for Diggy’s “88” feat. Jadakiss – off the new album “Unexpected Arrival“. Been awhile since I last checked in with young Simmons. His album is dropping March 20th, so I will be posting some videos so we can see what he’s up to. If you like the joint, can pre-order clicking on the banner below. If not, there is a place to post complaints, criticisms, praise, etc. No it’s not the “circular file” you office comedians! It’s called the Comments section below. Have fun. I like this line here:

“You know my uncle taught Diddy, who turned around and taught Biggie, And Biggie taught Jigga, so you can just imagine what he’s teaching me nigga”

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