May 28, 2024

De La Soul Is Back! New Album + Cool Flash Drives

De La Soul is back with a BRAND, NEW ALBUM entitled “and the Anonymous Nobody” their first studio release since “The Grind Date” in 2004! They are doing it 100% independent and they are recording in a way they never have before. They went into Vox Studio with tons of musicians – guitarists, bass players, drummers, keyboardists – all the best players, and recorded them jamming for hours. Now, they are going through listening back, looking for dope riffs, breaks, bass lines, etc. to “sample”, just like they are sampling a classic record, BUT they don’t have to pay for the sample because they own the publishing already. Brilliant!

De La Soul Heads

They are funding the project with a KickStarter campaign. They originally were trying to  reach the goal of $110, 000 but ended up with $412,000 so far and counting! Will they spend the extra loot on videos, marketing, features …?  They can pay themselves back for “what they did to the Cold Krush” for all I care, LOL! They earned it! As long as we get another amazing classic De La Soul Album, like we have grown accustomed to getting from them for so many years.

De La Thumb Drive 3De La Thumb Drive 2De La Thumb Drive 1

There are cool perks for giving to the Kickstarter, besides the album itself. The one I went for was the cool Flash Drive in the shape of the group members’ heads. I got Posdnous. You can get either of the three of them. Is’s a 1G flash drive, with the album, plus a bonus song. (Plus you can still use it as a thumb drive and make your fellow nerds jealous!) There are other great perks too, from vinyl to shirts and artwork. Go see for yourself, before May 2nd, if you want to claim one of the cool perks they are offering, before it’s too late.

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