June 19, 2024


Okay, I thought that headline would grab your attention. Mr. Complex & D-Stroy are not only dope MC’s who have been putting out Hip Hop records since the 90’s. Complex has also been a director working on videos, films and television for years. Besides being nice with verbs and nouns (adjectives too!), D-Stroy is a clown with his hilarious tweets and Facebook posts, not to mention the Ustream.tv show he does with CrazyLegs of Rocksteady Crew, The Lunch Breaks Show.

Seriously though, the two have teamed up to create a feature film called “The Funny Thing About Making Sex” and are int he Kickstarter stages of fundraising for the project. Just watching this kickstarter video is mad entertaining, so with the name of the film, the poster art and the story line, I know this is gonna be the funniest movie ever! Already tapped to play key roles alongside D-Stroy are Black Thought, Jean Grae, Godfrey and Al Thompson. I’m gonna be mad if they don’t finish this movie soon, so please tweet, retweet, Facebook, etc. and get the word out!

“Our generation has a limited scope and range in its depictions of LOVE. As a fan of Hip-Hop culture, I couldn’t relate to most of the “Urban” characters I seen in Film, I was disheartened. I didn’t see myself or a person like me being represented. Having spent most of my life in the entertainment business, I wanted to explore characters and storylines that moved beyond stereotypes and one-dimensionality.” – D-Stroy

Read more to see pictures and read the storyline of the movie…

The Funny Thing About Making Sex


DAVID is the last romantic guy in New York. He is devastated when his fiancé who is sleeping with every guy in Brooklyn dumps him to pursue a career as a TV dance show contestant. Fed up he starts phone fishing; leaving cell phones in bars near hot women and then calling the phone pretending it is lost and sets off dating adventures. David’s looking for love but finds vicious pit bulls between him and an orgy, a dominatrix into aerial acrobatics, a sexy but psycho gangsta-girl weed dealer, a love affair with Catwoman, getting jilted by his gorgeous coworker he is infatuated with and barely avoids getting shot by her jealous fiancé.

When his ex returns to him, David must decide if he wants to continue the ladies man act or accept that she may be the only person who has the love he’s been longing for.

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