June 23, 2024

Brown Bag AllStars: Psycho Dwarf 2011 (Beatnuts Tribute)

Brown Bag AllStars BBASCall it a “tribute”, “remake”, “remix”, or whatever – this is a bunch of MCees (albeit dope ones) droppin’ verses on a known beat (a dope one). But I guess what’s cool about the way they marketed this is that it draws attention to the original and gives res[ect where respect is due – to The Beatnuts, so I am not mad at that.

Another way to show respect is to not be wack over the beat. The Brown Bag AllStars (BBAS) are not taking themselves too seriously with this one. The crew just wants to party and bullshit, or more accurately, “f*ck, drink beer and smoke some sh*t”. I think it stays true to the Beatnuts typical subject matter and it’s refreshing to hear MCs just having a good time on a track, not concerned with guns, fighting and other macho posturing.

DJ Brace laced the cuts. As always, with a posse cut, especially from a crew, you may wonder “who bodies it the most?” For me it’s Soul Khan with lines like “I got 40 oz abs, fuck a six-packshorty, if its not around the couch you gotta get that for me,” but you don’t have to agree with me. Listen for yourself and cast your vote in the comments.

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