June 23, 2024

Bekay / DB “Remember” – A Holocaust Remembrance Story


This is an incredible video, directed by    From the costumes, casting and direction, with all the professional lighting, film, grips, this was actually shot as a short film. YouTube technology has been applied to allow subtitles in several European languages.

Bekay has been an underground mainstay in Brooklyn Hip Hop over the years, with punchlines for battle rappers and gritty stories of life in these Brooklyn streets, but this song and video may bring him up out of the underground as it is sure to garner mainstream attention and props for its artistry and subject matter.

The Trailer for the video also serves as “behind the scenes” footage, with commentary from Bekay and flip cam footage from behind the actual movie cameras that are filming, so you really get a glimpse of the amount of work and professional approach that went into this.

[* Video and Trailer after the jump.]

Producer DJDbefekt’s use of violins is haunting, as he chops and arranges the samples, with no bass line, just hard drum sounds, creating an audio backdrop that is a perfect soundtrack to the story. It is a simple style that brings to mind the days of an AKAI S950 with a keyboard or drum machine as trigger.

This is a Jewish story, but as Bekay tells us it’s really about

… those who have dealt with oppression in any capacity.

… it’s intended for any man, woman, or child that has dealt with racism or oppression in one form or another as these issues are still very much alive in 2011.

Let us all REMEMBER these tragic events in history so we can never let anything like this happen again.

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