July 15, 2024

SEAN PRICE: The Genesis of Omega (VIDEO)

Shout out to DallasPenn for this one. LMAO @ the black Santa Clause lookin’, Kimbo Slice’ / Sean Price the Barbarian action figure! Who needs cinematography when you’ve got … Sean P!!! Mic Tyson available now on Duck Down Records.

Purchase the Deluxe-Edition with bonus songs at iTunes. Physical CD’s will be available at all major retailers (Best Buy, FYE etc.), local mom & pop stores and at DuckDown.


We interrupt this Blog Post to bring you breaking news on HURRICANE SANDY. Sean Price is reporting live from the Canarsie Piers. Let’s go to Sean P, live on the scene:

“This just in…and I quote…yo, son Popeye’s is closed, McDonald’s is closed, Starbucks is closed, but Kennedy’s Fried Chicken on Saratoga is open!”

Watch the full report:

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