June 23, 2024

IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE at Occupy Wall Street (Interview)

Immortal Technique Occupy Wall Street
For awhile, people have criticized that the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have not put forth leaders or spokespeople for their movement, to be able to really verbalize for the media and the public exactly what their protest movement is about, what they stand for and what they want.

MCMI friend and affiliate Immortal Technique was interviewed today down on Wall Street, by RT America. He spoke passionately and eloquently about the issues, why the mainstream media is now paying attention to OWS, the differences between the Occupy Wall Street movement and The Tea Party, police brutality, Obama’s role in bringing about change or upholding the unacceptable status quo.

This didn’t come from ‘nowhere’. People didn’t just decide to get up and be angry about ‘nothing’. People are seriously concerned with the direction our democracying is going in.”

The interviewer asked excellent questions and Technique had the answers. Anyone who has been to an Immortal Technique show knows that beyond ruthless battle raps and even beyond his songs of revolution, he often speaks to the audience. He also has popped up in this and other countries talking at rallies, which you can find on YouTube. This is not an artist who has opinions, but does not really know anything about history, politics or social justice. You can find the trailer for his independent film The Revolution of Immortal Technique and some of his speeches here. He is very articulate as he speaks what is on his and many Americans’ minds.

In answering critics who say the Wall Street Occupiers are anti-American, Tech explains:

“We’re not anit-America. We love America and we refuse to see it destroyed by the same people that have been corrupting it for the past countless amount of years. … If we hated America we would leave it in people like yours hands, so … it would have no shred of democracy.”

If you feel a little vague about exactly what the Occupy Wall Street protests are about, not only in  New York, but now in 45 states across America, then you need to watch this video.

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