June 24, 2024

MCMI: BEST HIP HOP VIDEOS of 2012 [List] P.2

#10 – “Birthday Song” – 2Chainz, Kanye West                                                           NEXT>>>

The song is a silly ode to women with round bottoms, a 2012 updated “Baby Got Back”. The song is almost a spoof of itself and the “big booty” genre, like Kanye says “I’m jokin’. I’m just serious”. The video, shot mostly in and around a house designed to look like a Birthday Party, could have just showed a lot of “big booty hoes”, but is instead filled with hilarious and creative ideas, interspersed with shots of women walking, jumping and jiggling, showing off their “assets”. Just when it almost becomes porn, cut to a scene of some kids beating up a clown next to a clown car riddled with bullet holes. Cut back to some incredible cleavage (lecherous) and a Birthday cake in the shape of a woman’s ass (disturbing?). It’s not for children. You still can’t deny that it’s a good video. Spike Lee and Paradise the Architect will most likely NOT approve of this video. Betcha they play it twice though. 😉



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