April 21, 2024

MCMI: BEST HIP HOP VIDEOS of 2012 [List] P.7

homeboy Sandman
5. “Watchu Want From Me” – Homeboy Sandman                                                       NEXT>>>

Homeboy Sandman exemplifies the concept of great ideas make great videos. Check his previous videos for “Lightning Bolt Lightning Rod” and “The Carpenter”. In this video, for a new song on Stones Throw Records, the MC plays the role of several different jobs in the service industry (Barber, Schwarma chef, Ice Cream Truck driver, etc.), asking “Whatchu Want From Me?” while in a dual storyline playfully arguing with his girl. Great piano riff inspired production, great lyrical flow deserves a great video and director and cinematographer Pace Rivers & Aaronisnotcool definitely come through!
homeboy Sandman

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