May 29, 2024


Keith WildChild Middleton, Jacop Mazza, Luca Marcias and Aaron Marcellus are LEVELS.

Take  two American cast members of STOMP, one of which, an American Idol finalist, another as the father of one.  Add two piano and guitar music virtuosos from Italy and what do you get?

The answer is a wonderful dynamic blend of music, rhythms, language and disciplines.


“LEVELS spiritually rises above standard musical conventions.The international super group magically entwines assorted genres – 
 R&B, hip-hop, funk, jazz, pop, prog rock, Latin and Afrobeat – changing tempos and complex time signatures into an expansive sound
 that transcends space and time.” – Stratton Set List


Levels music can be described as contemporary R&B, with a heavy dose of Spoken Word & Hip Hop. Follow them on Instagram at @LevelsBand and subscribe to their Youtube Channel. You can also stream their debut self-titled album on SPOTIFY.

UNICORNS – Levels – Animated by Adesoji Ademola