May 30, 2024




MCMI’s 3 founders are members of the Hip Hop group HYDRA, who’s well received performances and early success at hosting and producing events, led them to form Stormtroopers Entertainment, a promotion company which produced and promoted many events. In 2006, the founders of Stormtroopers Ent. officially closed it’s doors, to prepare for their new company MCMI Incorporated.

The company’s first move was to produce a series of Hip Hop events throughout NYC. The momentum created by these shows helped set the stage for the marketing of their new website, record label and clothing line.

While recording material from artists signed to their label, preparing designs for their clothing line and developing their business plan, the three realized that what they had on their hands was bigger than a label, a clothing line or an event production company. What they had started and cultivated was a hip hop brand, fueled by the dedication and support of their following. They decided to manifest MCMI as a source of hip hop media, which includes a website with blogs, music, videos and portals to their clothing and artist info. Longtime musical collaborators, Mr. Mecca & Pumpkinhead, joined the company in 2008.

To date, MCMI Inc. is in production of music, videos, apparel and events and is in development of television, film and other forms of media and has partnerships with recording studios in New York City.