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MCMI Report: Jean Grae’s 3rd Holiday Album – Christmakwannuvuswaliyears

MCMI Report: Jean Grae’s 3rd Holiday Album – Christmakwannuvuswaliyears

MCMI Report: Jean Grae's 3rd Holiday Album - ChristmakwannuvuswaliyearsJean Grae returns with her 3rd holiday album, available EXCLUSIVELY at jeangrae.bandcamp.com on Christmas Day.

So what’s on there?

Christmas Jams? Yup. The Kwanzaa Song? Of course. A Festivus ditty? How could there not be? Belated Diwali wishes in the form of a song? Why are you even asking anymore questions? Global warming? SHUT UP! Finally have a song to dance to specifically for New Years? GTFOH. Yes, man.

MCMI Report: Jean Grae's 3rd Holiday Album - ChristmakwannuvuswaliyearsFeaturing special guests Quelle Chris and Don Will, you are warned NOT to play this at your parent’s house (unless you’re all smashed and just don’t give a —-!)

Check for the “White Christmas” video the SAME DAY and “The Kwanzaa Song” video on 12.26, because that’s when Kwanzaa starts.

Happy Holidays! And don’t say Jean Grae never gave you anything!

* Don’t forget to pick up #5 on iTunes.

MCMI Report: Jean Grae’s 3rd Holiday Album – Christmakwannuvuswaliyears

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MCMI Report: What is Fudge Pudge? (Organized Konfusion)

Props to the theBeeShine for featuring this on their site. Fudge Pudge is a classic song by Organized Konfusion, featuring the homie O.C. As Bryan from theBeeShine explains,

… the song does not reference or explain the term “fudge pudge” that is mentioned only twice.

MCMI’s PH asked people at the Organized Konfusion reuninon (BB Kings) what “fudge pudge” really means. Some of the answers are hilarious!

Besides asking the 3 artists on the song, PH also asked Chip Fu, RahzelMr. Mecc and some others what the mysterious song title means. I believe O.C. was actually telling us the real deal. Monch’s answer is a little graphic.

Pharoahe Monch

Click more to check out the video for the song Fudge Pudge.

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Jean Grae – Kill Screen (Video)

kill screen
GODDAMN Jean Grae is dope! One of the best MC’s I know AND an amazing producer ta boot, awhile back under the pseudonym RunRun Shaw Ms.Grae was really into her production but in recent years she has kinda step away from it…with this self produced track lets hope she’s also back on the beats.
Here is an excerpt of her interview with MTVhive:

You produced the song yourself. What sort of vibe were you going for?

Something eerie [and] sparse that allowed for a lot of room for wordplay; a lot of room to breathe on the track. I look at beats like a canvas: Sometimes you want a lush, full landscaped background, other times it deserves to be something more minimalistic. I wanted to paint on a minimal canvas.

Jean Grae – Kill Screen

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Hellpit Faeries- It’s The Most Fucking Wonderful Time (video)

hellpit faeries I must admit, I’ve been on some grinch s#!t this holiday season and still haven’t wrapped these damn presents i have to lug all over Brooklyn today to give to my friends and family. But leave it to the insane comedy of Jean Grae and MeLa Machinko aka “Hellpit Faeries” to brighten my day. “It’s The Most Fucking Wonderful Time” video all shot on an iPhone is hilarious and i won’t spoil it of you by telling you what happens…just watch and download their free holiday EP “Jingle Fucking Bells“. Fuckery at its finest!

A Hellpit Faeries Christmas presents Jingle Fucking Bells, A Hellpit Faeries Christmas EP.
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